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Cheat Code Company : FAQs

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    1. How should I use it?

    Mix the 1 ounce bottle of concentrated Cheat Code with 6 ounces water, give it a shake, and get to cleaning!

    • Option 1: Spray the mix directly onto the shoe, scrub with a gentle brush or non-abrasive pad. Chill for a moment, our premium formula will do all the heavy lifting. Wipe the lifted dirt anxiety away. Wipe surface with clean, wet microfiber to remove excess Cheat Code.
    • Option 2: Dunk a gentle brush right in the mix and gently scrub away the grime. Follow same as above and don’t forget to remove excess Cheat Code.

    Find more Instructions here.

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    2. How long will 1oz Cheat Code solution last?

    1oz concentrate makes 7oz of cleaning liquid. Depending how much life you live in your shoes and how many you want to clean. Maybe 1 day, maybe a whole year.

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    3. Where can I use Cheat Code?

    On any surface of the shoe made of any material. Please note: Any dyed sueded that is prone to bleed with water, may bleed when applying our mix. Use caution.

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    4. Will you ship a premixed solution?

    We care about the environment and think it’s criminal how consumers must pay for shipping 90% water when shopping for cleaning products. It didn’t sit right with us. So here we are, selling you the magic solution that makes the cleaner, that is totally biodegradable, at a fraction of the environmental impact.

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    5. What if I get it on my skin?

    Thoroughly rinse off your skin, then apply moisturizer.

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    6. What if I get it on glass?

    Thoroughly rinse off glass, and wipe with dry cloth. Cheat Code residue will leave visible permanent marks on glass if untreated.

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    7. How should I store it?

    Just like your other cleaning products. Cool dark place. Can’t go wrong. Good for shoes, not for kids.

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    8. How long will delivery take?

    You have the option to choose your delivery speed at check-out.

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    9. Do you ship internationally?


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    10. Why should I use it?

    You’ve found your way into the FAQs section of a shoe cleaning concentrate. You obviously care about your shoes – and we do too. Cheat Code will keep your shoes looking fresh. So the question really is – do you want fresh looking shoes?

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    11. What’s your returns / refund policy?

    We have incredible confidence in our product though we know no product can repair tears or worn away material. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please visit our return/refund policy page.

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    12. Does this yellow my material

    Cheat Code is an all natural solution with no ingredients that will harm or discolor any material.

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    13. Can I use it over and over on the same shoes

    No matter how often you use it, Cheat Code is an all natural solution with no ingredients that will change any material.

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